The Changing Environment

Leaders who have worked in the healthcare industryeven for a short period of time quickly understand the complexity of the environmentan environment that is under constant change. The present state is the most dynamic since the implementation of DRG’s. Building a strong foundation is crucial to long-term success. The approach requires thoughtful planning. 

 Our Approach

We offer a unique perspective by linking Leadership, Quality Patient Care, Internal Culture, Strategy, Operations, and Physician Relationships to Financial outcomes. High performing organizations that create synergy between their critical areas of business realize greater productivity, higher employee engagement, increased quality scores, and outperform their peers financially. We take a systemic approach to our work to create sustainable change.


Leadership is the key driver in any organization and creates a shared strategic vision while determining the internal culture. The outcome will deliver on the environment that is created for patients to receive excellent care, and the relationship that is developed with physicians, employees and the community. 


Quality Patient Care
is our business. Healthcare organizations have the privilege of caring for others who are sick and vulnerable.  Quality care also means creating a safe environment for patients, treating others with dignity and respect, and exercising good communication.



Internal Culture is the fabric of the organization. It is the shared values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. While it is the anchor for grounding the change initiatives, it is also the most difficult to change.


Strategy is collaboratively developing and communicating a vision for the future – both short term and long term.  Since it is not realistic to be all things to all people, leadership must be able to discern what the organization will be known for in their community.  This vision must be communicated clearly, consistently, and often.

Operations is the face of the organization as they care for patients and interact with others throughout the organization. They deliver and monitor the change initiatives, allocate resources, and work collaboratively with physicians, employees and community partners. 



Physician Relationships are even more critical in the current dynamic and changing environment.  Health care systems have more strength as an organization by ensuring physicians are true partners. By creating a synergistic environment for physicians to care for patients, the stage is set for a higher quality patient experience. A high quality environment assists in retaining and recruiting physicians to the organization.  

Finance is the end result of how the organization has delivered on each of these areas.  The financial statements are not the starting point for change initiatives but rather the report card.   High performing organizations that create an environment of synergy between these key components will drive positive financial performance that is sustainable.  




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